Expansion of our repair capacity!

In order to coup with the increasing number of repairs we have decided to build up a third functional test system TTS3. By doing this we can increase our flexibility for processing repair orders with low number of units.
Specification of the test system:
  1. The LabVIEW software is used to generate codes for the different products.
  2. The universal fixture is used to have a single fixture for a variety of products.
  3. On the other hand it is of course possible to build up specific fixture per product.
  4. Possibilities for testing 3 phase power supplies up to 2kW per phase.
  5. Mains input voltages per phase from 90-265VAC / 0-300VDC.
  6. Measuring up to 12 different low volt DC voltages.
  7. Measuring up to 10 different high volt DC voltages.
  8. Electronic loads 8x 60V / 60A / 300 Watt
  9. Electronic loads 2x 120V / 60A / 300 Watt
  10. Electronic loads 4x 500V / 5A. / 200 Watt
  11. Electronic load 600V / 420A. / 6000 Watt
  12. Four channel digital scope.
  13. Up to 96 channel I/O facilities.