Reparatur & Refurbishment TEREPCO


  • Switch mode power supplies
  • Inverters (AC/AC, AC/DC)
  • Lamp ballasts
  • Controller boards & I/O Boards
  • Control panel with and without display


How is a repair carried out professionally?

Electrical specification

To test an assembly according to its specification there is, on the one hand, a part of the safety test and, on the other hand, part of the functional test. For example, an overcurrent test is just as important as the load regulation of this stage, which is tested automatically on our test systems.

100% test

All stages are tested with all possible load situations at different mains input voltages, indicating any deviation from the specification.


In addition to the overcurrent and overvoltage tests, followed by the high-voltage test and the protective ground tests, these are fundamental to any repair. Furthermore, the repairs are processed according to the IPC 7711/22 standard. If for example the PCB of the assembly is burnt it will be separated because a repair is not possible anymore and will later be scrapped. If these tests are passed successfully, we provide a guarantee on the repaired assembly.



  • Calculation and preparation of a quotation
  • Development of test software in LabVIEW
  • Development of a mechanical test jig (fixture)
  • Test run with trial series
  • Development of service packaging for safe transport
  • Order linking via RMA number
  • Disassembly / cleaning / first inspection
  • Diagnosis of the assembly using the test system
  • Repair in accordance of the IPC 7711/21 standard
  • Replacement of components which are subject to wear and tear (refurbishing)
  • The assembly is updated if necessary
  • Functional test according to customer specification
  • A test log is automatically generated and logged after each test and is available upon customer request
  • Generation of a measurement report and repair history

40 million tons of electronic scrap per year should be reason enough to repair assemblies instead of disposing of them immediately as soon as there is a defect. This is also more lucrative for the wallet.”

Company owner Peter Michel