TRC – F 1.5 kW power supply

Schaltnetzteil TRC 1.5 kW

Efficiency up to

Design in of newest power semiconductors

Small formfactor

High power density

Output voltages up to

Further variantes: 48V DC and 60V DC


1 kW
Up to 6 power supplies can be cascaded

TRC – F 1.5

Schaltnetzteil TRC 1.5 kW

The Terepco TRC-F 1.5 kW switch mode power supply is suitable to supply your application, either to drive led arrays, for inductive heating or other industrial applications. The power supply was developed by Terepco in Germany which has long experience in the field of industrial power electronics.

The TRC-F 1.5 kW switch mode power supply has an insertion option for the following versions:

  • 9885010 0-48V DC 0-30A
  • 9885012 0-60V DC 0-25A
  • 9885015 0-120V DC 0-12,5A

Other output voltages between 48V and 120V DC are also possible.

  • Compact formfactor
  • High power density
  • High efficiency
  • Power factor correction
  • Aux power supply with 12V DC
  • Analogue control interface
  • Voltage + current control
  • Remote on/off
  • Overvoltage + overcurrent control
  • Cascadable up to six power supplies