You introduce a new improved version of a product to the market. You want to convince your customers to replace the old version by this new product. To lower the threshold, you can take back the old version when the new version is purchased. But what to do with these old products? They are still functioning well so it would be a shame to destroy them. We refurbish devices so that they look like new. Afterwards you can resell these devices again in a new market.

Sustainable solution for used products

Encourage customers to purchase

Make new money with used products

Production support

To support our repair activity, we have developed our own line of testers that allow us to guarantee our repairs and we can supply these testers also to you if your production- or repair strategy would require this. We help you to improve your production yield by carrying out a worst case analysis in case of repeated product failures.
We generate test plans and production documentation and we can assist you in getting your certifications. Finally we also assist you in finding the right production facility for your products.

Know that your products are good

Avoid repeated product returns

Reduce your certification costs

Design & Redesign

In case you need an update for your power electronics Terepco can offer you a complete redesign for your product. A redesign is necessary when:

  • the product shows the same mistake several times
  • a component is no longer available or difficult to obtain
  • the product must meet new requirements
  • the functionality of the product needs to be adapted
  • the production costs of the product must be reduced

By using a worst case analysis, we can advise where improvement is possible. We can also assist you in new product certifications if needed.

Longer lifetime

Lower costs

New functionality

Logistical support

On request we can help you to reduce your logistics costs by accepting returns directly from your customers and by sending the repaired products directly back to them. Of course we inform you in detail on what we repaired and why, and we provide you timely with all commercial information to allow you to invoice your customers.

Reduce your logistics costs

Reduce your throughput time

Focus on your core business