Factory repairs

You have produced a large quantity of products, but the first tests indicate that they don't function as they should. Or worse, you have already sold these products and they are returned in large numbers.

Repairing them yourself takes a lot of time and binds expensive production resources. Save yourself and your team the stress and the effort. We will repair all these products for you. Each repair is tested on our specially developed test platforms, and on request, we provide a detailed test and or repair report.

If you want to know the root cause we can perform worst case analysis so that you can take measures to avoid repeated returns.

Having us repairing your products allows your organization to focus on its core activities. Repairs usually cause quite some interference with these core activities, because:

  • repairs are difficult to plan
  • repairs take up valuable production and testing equipment
  • employees are hampered in their work

That is why Terepco has only one goal; taking care of those tasks of its customers that disrupt the daily business processes.

Assemblies - product repairs

You have defective products, that are outside the warranty period or for which there is no support from the manufacturer anymore.

By making repairs or a refurbishment (general overhaul), such products can be used again.

Our repairs are carried out in accordance with the IPC 7711/21 standard and are then logged in the repair history.

To ensure that the product adheres to the original specification and is safe, we test it first with a high voltage test and a protective earthing test. Then we perform a function test and an endurance test. After the final inspection, the product is ready for shipment.