About Terepco

We are a company that specializes in Returns Management in the field of power electronics.
Returns Management means that we can assist you in handling all aspects and consequences of product returns.

Examples of what we can do for you:

  • we repair products that have not passed your production test
  • we repair products that have been returned from the field
  • we redesign your products when they show repeated returns
  • we can help you to find the root cause in case of repeated returns
  • we can take over the logistic handling of your product returns
  • we can assist in finding the right production facility for your products

That is why Terepco has only one goal; to relieve its customers by taking over activities that disrupt their internal processes.

vision of Terepco


A world where companies, active in power electronics, can focus on their core business and will not be bothered by distracting activities or processes.

mission of Terepco


To relieve companies active in power electronics. We do this by taking over activities and processes that disrupt the internal processes of our customers.